DML Produce

DML Produce

DML Produce is a participant of the DML Agribusiness Project which specializes in the production and distribution of selected vegetables and fruits grown in the Orinoco basin.

Through this entrepreneurship we seek to supply the local community with fresh and sustainable products cultivated in the

Circular economy is in the core of this development where organic products and circular practices are prioritized over other inputs.

Pineapple (or Ananas) is a tropical fruit of delightful flavor and high nutritional value, which has managed to captivate various markest world-wide.

Thanks to DML’s experience, we have developed a highly competitive export scheme for this fruit, guaranteeing its physical characteristics, flavors and quality, through homogenization of the productive processes, fully certified.

DML Produce’s vision is to cater to the growingly diverse international markets, the wide variety of tropical fruits Colombia has to offer. We are currently working on this through the Fruit Export Alliance: AlexFrut®. This kind of development would prompt valuable growth in Colombia’s agribusiness.

It would allow an expansion of the portfolio and would position Colombia’s tropical fruits in desirable foreign markets.